Color Guard


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For nearly 5,000 years flags have been used to identify military units, signal movements, and rally the troops. As armies became trained and adopted set formations, each regiment’s ability to keep its formation was potentially critical to both the regiment’s and the army’s success. In the chaos of battle soldiers needed to be able to determine where their regiment was. Flags and banners have been used by many armies in battle to serve this purpose. Due to the advent of modern weapons, and subsequent changes in tactics, Colors are no longer used in battle, but continue to be carried by Color Guards at events of formal character. The color guard traditionally consists of enlisted members and is commanded by the senior (color) Sergeant, who carries the National Color and gives the necessary commands for movements and rendering honors during drill exercises, parade ceremonies, or presentation at sport events. Being assigned to the color guard is considered an honor due to the fact that these individuals present and carry the symbols of their unit and country. Depending on the circumstance and subject to the orders of their commander, members may wear full dress or less formal uniforms. Military Color Guards consider it an honor to present the symbols of their unit and country at NFL games across America every weekend.